Most romantic restaurants in New York City

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Most romantic restaurants in New York City

New York City has countless amazing restaurants. For couples seeking a great date night venue or an anniversary dinner location, there are a few top-notch establishments that rise above the rest. New York City is the ideal city for sharing a meal with your favorite person. It has varied options from vibrant and casual brunch spots to trendy Italian eateries. You would not be disappointed when you dine in at one of these romantic NYC restaurants.


1. Zenkichi

Consider dining at this Japanese restaurant if you and your partner want a private and intimate atmosphere. Here, small plates are served from a private table stand. Don’t worry about being disturbed by the server here as there is a table buzzer to get the attention of the server whenever it’s convenient for you. For a great evening, splurge on the eight-course tasting menu with your partner and the sake pairing too. This restaurant is somewhat elusive because it is reserved only for those who can locate the unmarked entrance.

2. Il Buco

This elegant restaurant with a well-stocked wine cellar features an Italian menu which changes with the seasons. Dining at this Italian spot at Nolita evokes hanging in a rustic farmhouse. It has delighted couples with a rustic, old-world feel since its first opening over 20 years ago. Whether you are ordering a home-made pasta dish or a farm-fresh meat meal, you’ll want to enjoy it with a glass of wine here. This New York eatery is a perfect place to slow down and enjoy a good meal with your partner.

3. L’Artusi

L’Artusi is truly a hot spot in New York and you will want to book reservations ahead of time. This restaurant in the west village serves Italian cuisine in a cozy ambience. After taking a bite of rabbit gnocchi or squid with Italian sausage, you will know that it is worth waiting for dinner at this top-rated restaurant. Pick some cheeses from the cheese menu before indulging on the main plates here. The options include goat cheese, Gouda and blue cheese.

4. Le Coucou

Treat your favorite one to a candlelit meal at this French eatery here in the Big Apple. You are sure to impress your date with the exposed brick walls, dimly-lit chandeliers and vaulted ceilings of the restaurant. Head to Le Coucou for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whatever time of day you pick to eat here, you will definitely have a well-made meal served to you here. Carnivores at Le Coucou won’t have a shortage of options as rabbit, duck, lobster and veal are all available on their menu.

5. Peasant

Peasant is another Italian restaurant in New York City offering a romantic ambience. As the atmosphere here is more rustic than ritzy, Peasant is for the urban-chic couples. The brick-oven is not just for decoration. Plenty of dishes here are cooked with the flames of the fire, from the Margherita pizza to the roasted duck.

6. Milk and Roses

Milk and Roses provides a more casual and relaxed experience than other restaurants on this list but that does not make it any less romantic. This eatery serves Italian-American cuisine in Brooklyn. Bring your lover to brunch here and enjoy complimentary mimosas for you two. Dinner at Milk and Roses is where you can find more premium menu choices such as lamb ribs and duck breast. One of the best times to visit is during the summer months when you can really enjoy the natural back garden and the sun.