Top tourist attractions in Mexico

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Top tourist attractions in Mexico

A country in South America is filled with eye-catching landscapes. Mexico is a proper combination of ancient, rural, and modern lifestyles. This country is culturally oriented and best for the people who want to be close to ancient civilizations. You can find the ruins of the Aztec and Mayan civilization. Here is the list of places that ensure why this country is a must-visit.


1. Acapulco:

Its full name is Acapulco de Juarez. It is the port city which is made popular by the celebrities and millionaires who showed interest in visiting this place. It is situated on the pacific coast of Mexico. The nightlife in this city is amazing. You can find everything from Sparkling night clubs and bars to some beach resorts. This city is frequently visited by the college students in the spring breaks. You can witness cliff diving where divers dive in the ocean from 40 meters. This is one of the most exciting experience to witness.

2. Teotihuacan:

This city was decorated by the Teotihuacan civilization. It has been in existence for 2100 years. It is 30 miles away from Mexico City. Pyramids are a sui generis character and this is what made this place famous. Pyramid of Sun, Pyramid of the moon, and Avenue of the Dead are some of the amazing structures found here. It is said that the civilization of Maya and Aztec Cities were influenced by this city. Nonetheless, it is a catchy city for archaeologists. They are highly interested in this place. However, there are few discoveries related to this place which are still in the process to come up in the light.


3. Chichen Itza:

Chichen Itza is located in the Yucatan region and used to be one of the important cities of the Maya Civilization. Its origin is traced backed to the 6th century A.D. This place is a place of curiosity for both astrologers and archaeologists. There are many archaeological remains found here which used to be an astronomical observation back in the 6th Century. One of the places here in El Castillo which is the four-faced Mayan Pyramid. It has 91 steps on each side and together they make 365 stairs which are the total number of days in a year. Few other monuments found here are the Great Ballcourt, El Caracoland, Temple of the Warriors.

4. The day of the dead:

If you are planning a visit to Mexico City in November then this is the festival you should experience. November 2nd is celebrated as the day of the dead in Mexico City. On this day, the Mexicans pay their tribute and respect to the dead ones. It is a belief that the spirits of their loved ones visit the city on that day. they decorate the city with candles, flowers, food, tequila, and skeleton dolls. The whole city remains in a festive mood on that day. They dance, feast, and celebrate the day with all the love and joy.

5. Copper Canyons:

This place is named Copper Canyons because there are six canyons in this place and the rocky walls are copper in color. It is situated in the heart of the Tarahumara Mountains. Its canyons cover the area of 60,000 kilometers which is much greater than the area covered by the Grand Canyons of America. The indigenous people of Copper Canyons are known as Raramuri. There are a lot of mysteries and ancient legends hidden in between these rocks. It provides us with the most mesmerizing view at the time of sunset and sunrise. There are rural accommodations and hotels available. You can stay in your preferred location and experience the adventure.